Hummingbird Rings

Hummingbird rings make excellent gifts for lovers of these unique and beautiful birds. When choosing a hummingbird ring for someone you know who happens to appreciate these birds, it is best to pick a style that meets their preferences and general taste. You can choose a sterling silver tribal hummingbird ring or a turquoise mixed metal ring with spiraling flower designs. No matter what type of ring you select, as long as it includes a special hummingbird feature, it is sure to be loved by your gift recipient.

Top Hummingbird Rings

1) Sterling Silver Northwest Coast Hummingbird Ring

Sterling Silver Northwest Coast Hummingbird Ring

Designed using beautiful, elegant sterling silver, this hummingbird silver wrap ring comes with back initial engravings and is developed at the Coast Salish Nation. The hummingbird is a healing creature in the Coast Salish culture, inspiring a number of traditions and ornaments. A beautiful gift for any hummingbird lover.

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2) Novica .925 Bright Hummingbird Ring

Novica .925 Bright Hummingbird Ring

Using special Amparo Guerra craftsmanship, this design is a lovely hummingbird finish to provide an original graphic for your friend or family member. Inspired as a treasure for keepsake that will be loved for many years to come.

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3) Kennel-aire “A” Frame Bunny House

Openwork Hummingbird Ring

Crafted from fine 925 sterling silver, this unit is lightweight and extremely well made. Includes high polish finish and a design that is attractive, elaborate, and ageless. Highly reviewed and wearable by anyone.

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4) American West Turquoise Topaz Hummingbird Ring

American West Turquoise Topaz Hummingbird Ring

Featuring blue topaz, genuine turquoise, and brass, this beautiful ring is handcrafted with a full lifetime warranty from Fritz Casuse. Features a hummingbird feeding from a flower as part of its unique design.

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Hummingbird Ring Designs

A hummingbird ring makes an elegant, beautiful gift for the person in your life who happens to love and appreciate these unique birds. Featuring a number of designs, hummingbird rings often provide great gifts as they showcase elegant jewelry craftsmanship with the natural beauty of the hummingbird. Designed using silver, sapphire, turquoise, topaz, and brass, many rings provide a spiral design with engravings and initials if you wish to add those as well.

To choose a good hummingbird design for your ring, consider a few aspects, including price, craftsmanship, shape, and size. The right size ring for your wearer will depend on their finger size, which is an important thing to know before ordering the right for your recipient. You can ask your wearer what size they wear or simply make a guessed based on their height and general hand shape.

Hummingbird Ring Styles

There are numerous styles of hummingbird rings, including twisting styles, tribal styles, cage styles, and flower styles. The right ring for your wearer will include a style that is designed specifically with their taste in mind, including the correct dimensions and quality. Many styles will come with sterling silver as part of the design’s creation, which is a durable and dependable material for any ring.

Hummingbird Ring Prices

Prices for hummingbird rings typically vary between $50-$100, so they can be a bit on the pricey side. However, the craftsmanship of these rings is typically very high, as hummingbirds are revered in many cultures, especially those that specialize in beautiful and elegant jewelry designs.