Hummingbird Pendants

Hummingbird Pendants – top hummingbird pendant designs & product reviews.

1) 925 Sterling Silver Filigree Hummingbird Heart Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Filigree Hummingbird Heart Pendant

Designed using a beautiful and elegant hummingbird inlaid in a single heart pendant, this sterling silver item is just the thing your hummingbird gift recipient needs. Adding a splash of color to any outfit, as well as convening the love of hummingbirds the wearer has, this ornate design includes an 18 inch chain and unique design.

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2) Kevin and Anna Sterling Silver Small Hummingbird Pendant

Kevin and Anna Sterling Silver Small Hummingbird Pendant

A reversible round pendant with a special hummingbird design, this unit is designed from sterling silver with a rhodium chain. Made in the US, the unit comes with complimentary packaging for gifting to any friends and family.

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3) Hummingbird Best Friend Locket

Hummingbird Best Friend Locket

Featuring a silver photo fashion pendant, this unique pouch chain pendant has silver tone and high design quality. The chain measures 18 inches, and includes a special gift pouch as part of its package. Backed by a hassle free guarantee for replacement, this is an elegant, simple gift that will provide your hummingbird-loving friend with a lovely addition to their jewelry collection.

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4) Sterling Silver Hummingbird Nature Chain

Sterling Silver Hummingbird Nature Chain

Lightweight and attractive, this chain features a sterling silver design and is made from 925 silver. Comes in a sleek velvet black pouch and includes an 18 inch chain. Very lightweight and portable.

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5) Hummingbird Necklace and Pendant World Coin

Hummingbird Necklace and Pendant World Coin

Created from a cut out encased rope bezel coin design, this work is protected against defects for life. Includes a unique rope design and is hand cut on a one cent Trinidad coin, with fourteen karat gold and rhodium plating. Elegant and beautiful.

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Types of Hummingbird Pendants

Made from sterling silver in many cases, hummingbird pendants come in a number of different designs and types. Some pendants have unique engravings and cut outs, while others come with the shape of a flying bird resting on a flower to drink nectar. Including sapphire, peridot, amethyst, gold, and other metals of precious character, these pendants are an excellent choice for color and flare to any hummingbird lover’s outfit.

Some other pendants may feature unique mythological lore or references, many of which will be recognized by hummingbird lovers. These are are a good way to add a special element of mystery and spiritual character to the pendant’s design. For lovers of hummingbirds, who recognize the importance of these birds in many tribal cultures, the narrative of the hummingbird in society is one that cannot be understated. Hummingbirds have led hunters and discoverers to new heights, allowing them to navigate to food and shelter and to create new civilizations.

Hummingbird Pendant Designs

Many designs include special hanging chain designs, sterling silver and 14 karat gold designs, and the showcasing of elegance and classic mythology as part of their hummingbird pendant creation. Owners of hummingbird pendants may find delight in a number of designs, including those that show the hummingbird a number of different poses, such as at rest, perching, or in flight. Whatever your hummingbird gift recipient’s taste might be, there is likely a suitable hummingbird pendant available to add a flare of color, beauty, and elegance to their daily wardrobe choice.