Hummingbird Charms

There are a number of available hummingbird charms for those who appreciate these beautiful intricate birds. Much like the animals who inspired them, hummingbird charms carry unique flavor and style that will add quickly to any outfit or complement another piece of jewelry such as a watch or bangle.

Top Hummingbird Charms

1) HooAMI 10 piece Clip On Hummingbird Charm

HooAMI 10 piece Clip On Hummingbird Charm

This unique zinc metal alloy charm is comprised from silver tone and small enough to fit on any bracelet or pendant as you desire. Easy to clip on, the hummingbird image puts the wearer in mind of these unique and beautiful creatures very quickly, making it a great gift for hummingbird enthusiasts.

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2) 925 Sterling Silver Hummingbird Bead Charm for Bracelets

925 Sterling Silver Hummingbird Bead Charm for Bracelets

Including one bead for a Pandora Bracelet, this unique 925 Sterling Silver Hummingbird charm is small enough to fit on a charm, but detailed enough to see clearly what it’s meant to be. Hummingbird lovers will easily recognize and appreciate this sleek item.

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3) CharmCountry Sterling Silver Charm

CharmCountry Sterling Silver Charm

Measuring roughly one third by seven eights of an inch, this unit is designed from solid 925 sterling silver and highly detailed. Includes a split ring that is fully attached, making it easy to put onto any bracelet you wish. The beautiful, unique design of this charm makes it a great choice for hummingbird lovers.

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4) Universal Hummingbird Charm

Universal Hummingbird Charm

Compatible with just about any bracelet imaginable, this small charm includes a hummingbird design and arrives in a bag that is done in a beautiful organza bag. Includes beads and five millimeter hole.

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5) Shipwreck Beads Hummingbird Charm

Shipwreck Beads Hummingbird Charm

This silver or metallic finish charm is an excellent choice for designers who may be on a budget. You can make keychains, ankle bracelets, or necklaces that include this beautiful hummingbird charm design as part of your gift ideas. Highly rated and in demand.

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Choosing a Hummingbird Charm

There are wide selections of hummingbird charms available, including small charms, larger style charms, charms made from sterling silver, and gold charms. The ideal hummingbird charms for your needs will depend on what you intend to do with your purchase. Are you selecting it as a gift to a hummingbird lover whom you might know, or are you intending to design and make your own hummingbird-related jewelry? If it’s the latter, it’s best to choose smaller, more affordable charms as these can easily be added to a number of bracelets and then designed and shipped at a low cost. However, if you are seeking a charm solely to give to a friend of family member, the more expensive, genuine gold or silver hummingbird charms are a good idea.

Types of Hummingbird Charms

There gold charms, metal charms, silver charms, and zinc alloy charms as the most popular types of hummingbird charms. You can also find some units that contains special types of jewelers such as amethyst, crystal, sapphire, emerald, and other precious stones that really bring out the color intended to compliment the wearer.

Other types of charms include large charms, small charms, charms with beads, charms that clip on to your desired necklace or bracelet, and charms that attach easily to any other surface.