Hummingbird Jewelry

When you’re trying to find the right hummingbird jewelry for the person in your life who happens to love these unique and beautiful birds, a great way to do so is to explore a variety of different options. There rare hummingbird necklaces, bracelets, pendants, circlets, and earrings that provide excellent choices for hummingbird fans. Many come in a variety of colors to compliment the idea of these brightly colored, interesting birds.


To select the ideal hummingbird jewelry gift for your recipient, start by comparing prices and choices for the type of jewelry you seek. Many pendants with sterling silver, onyx, emerald, and sapphire designs can be found at reasonable prices, as well as a number of different bracelets and earrings through various online retailers. Amazon offers plenty of great, affordable, and highly reviewed selections that will give you just the right gift idea. There are also certain special handcrafted and Native American hummingbird jewelry items that provide a unique flare on hummingbird mythology. They provide some of the best gift ideas available, especially if your recipient knows something about spirit animals or Native American folklore as it relates to hummingbirds.

Top Hummingbird Jewelry

1) Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Hummingbird Necklace

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Hummingbird Necklace

A handmade hummingbird design necklace, this beautiful sterling silver pendant includes an eighteen inch chain. Comes in a velvet pouch or box in brown color. includes 925 sterling silver as the metal it is designed and crafted from.

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2) Blue Hummingbird Necklace On 18 Inch Chain

Blue Hummingbird Necklace On 18 Inch Chain

Rated 5/5 stars by customers, this beautiful design is sleek, stylish, and compliments any hummingbird lover’s clothing. Handcrafted and shipped from ASA Products. A great choice for hummingbird lovers everywhere.

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3) PammyJ Two Crystal Hummingbird Bangle Bracelet

PammyJ Two Crystal Hummingbird Bangle Bracelet

Includes a double blue crystal bracelet made in bangle design, measuring a wrist that is up to 7.5 inches. Slips on and can be removed as well very easily. Imported, this item includes sapphire inlaid jewelers as part of its classy, sleek hummingbird design.

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4) Heart Necklace Best Friend Hummingbird Charm

Heart Necklace Best Friend Hummingbird Charm

This beautiful best friend hummingbird charm is made from high quality materials, including sterling silver and sapphire. No need to worry about the finishing of this jewelry, as it is backed by nickel free hypoallergenic materials. A good choice for friends and family who enjoy hummingbird jewelry.

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5) Swarovski Crystal Elements Hummingbird Pendant

Swarovski Crystal Elements Hummingbird Pendant

Designed with Swarovski Elements, this beautiful sterling silver necklace has a hummingbird pendant as part of its craftsmanship. Includes a spring ring measuring eighteen inches and a box chain. Imported. The color for this unit is a purple and amethyst mix that will compliment any outfit.

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Types of Hummingbird Jewelry

There are numerous types of hummingbird jewelry, including sterling silver jewelry, pendants, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, chains, and watches. The best type for your gift or personal needs will depend on preference. Some hummingbird lovers enjoy simple jewelry that adds an ornamented design to the wrist or ear, while others may prefer something more elaborate.

Other types of hummingbird jewelry include hollow hummingbird pendants, which are etched by hand and darkened with sulphur, or beaded hummingbird bracelets that combine sterling silver, pink opal, peridot, and amethyst. You might also consider a gift for a friend who likes hummingbirds of green onyx earrings, which include a special bead at the bottom the design for added flare and color.

Hummingbird Jewelry Gift Ideas

Some hummingbird jewelry gift ideas include a silver pendant with a hummingbird design, as well as silver hummingbird earrings. For a touch of color, you might choose to provide your gift recipient with an amethyst or sapphire hummingbird pendant, something that will remind them of hummingbirds regularly while adding a bit of color to any outfit. For those in need of a way to keep time, a hummingbird wristwatch makes an elegant, sleek, and tasteful jewelry gift idea.

For a special Native American addition to your hummingbird jewelry gift ideas, try an American Metal Arts Studios item. These earth spirit necklaces are designed using pewter that is lead-free, coming with leatherette circlets to ensure safe securing around the neck. They are also adjustable and handmade, proving rich and beautiful designs with metal artwork using white metal casting.

You might also consider a sterling silver pendant Hummingbird Song necklace from Brazil, which uses handcrafted beautiful pendant designs and 925 sterling silver.

Choosing a Hummingbird Jewelry Gift

To choose the best hummingbird gift of jewelry for yourself, your friends, or family members who appreciate these lovely birds, consider the type of gift you wish to choose. You may also consider price, size, and material as part of your selection. Some gifts may run on the higher end in terms of pricing, but many affordable and beautiful designs can be found. For gifts that remain affordable and attractive, doing a bit of comparison shopping online can be a great way to find the right jewelry selection for your recipient.

Native American Hummingbird Jewelry

A great jewelry gift idea for your recipient is the Native American hummingbird jewelry choice. In mythology of Native Americans, hummingbirds play a special role. Many Mojave tales discuss the lives of hummingbirds when people lived underground, in caves that were dark and damp. The hummingbird would be sent up to the outer levels to seek light and new worlds with sunlight for the people to live. In the Chayma peoples’ mythology, hummingbirds represent the souls of dead ancestors, and must not be harmed at any cost. Hummingbirds represent significant people such as kings, divine ancestors, and other key members of the mythological structure.

For this reason, selecting a Native American Hummingbird Jewelry gift can be a tasteful and elegant way of showing your hummingbird enthusiast just how much you understand their passion for these beautiful, interesting, and unique birds.


Additional Hummingbird Jewelry Gift Ideas

Some hummingbird jewelry can be found through craft stores online, as well as through independent artists. You can get gift ideas from Pinterest and other online image sites, which might point you in the right direction. Selecting the best item depends on your budget (as some items can be quite pricey) as well as the type of jewelry you’re looking for. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are the most common types of hummingbird jewelry, and can be found both at Amazon and through independent online artists.


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